Update from Ukraine Team

We (Viktor and Adam) have had a great time with Joe in the Ukraine so far and it has been exciting to dive into a new culture. Along with gaining five pounds a piece from delicious Slavik food, we have had the privilege of spending our first few days in a village called Stramtura where there are only a few Christians. The Church in Stramtura is surrounded by a population that is primarily Jehovah’s witness and counts Christians as a cult. The Christians here are very isolated and often socially shunned because of their profession of Christ. We have been extremely encouraged to see the boldness to proclaim Jesus and their investment in relationships to overcome these barriers. It was a true privilege to meet with this Church and be mutually encouraged. Please pray for this small Church in Stramtura. Pray that they would find open doors to the Gospel and would find favor in the eyes of their neighbors. Pray that they would find perseverance and rest in in Christ. Also pray for our discernment as we look for ways to partner with this Church in the future.

We just arrived in a larger town named Rakhkiv and will be spending the remainder of our time here. There is a small but strong core group of Christians here but, like the Church in Stramtura, it is a shameful thing in the eyes of most to follow Christ here in Rakhiv. As we learn more about the area, build relationships, and teach the Scriptures, pray for a sensitivity from the Spirit to how we can be faithful here and that Jesus would be on our lips. Thanks for your support in prayer. It is a great ministry to us, knowing that our family is behind us and with us as we minister in this part of the world.

– Adam, Viktor, and Joe