Update from Haiti Team, Day 3

Hey guys,

Yesterday was a pretty tough day so we skipped a day on the emails. We worked at the same job site as Monday. We worked on the concrete floor in the same house the we put the roof on. We helped 2 Haitian workers to do this – not the same workers that were there on Monday, though. We mixed concrete (beton in creole), put it in buckets and carried them ~40 ft up to the house where we dumped them out on the floor. One of the Haitian workers stayed in the room shaping, leveling and smooth the concrete floor. We also got the experience of hauling 5 gallon buckets of water up the road, something Haitian women do on a regular basis. We did finish the the floor though, which was very fulfilling. It was also very relieving to be done since it was exceptionally hard work. The high yesterday was about 100 degrees with a heat index of about 104. We were definitely all tired and worn out by the time we got back to where we are staying.

Today (Wednesday) we spent the morning seeing a different side of Haiti. We drove up the mountain side to the Haiti Baptist Mission, which was started by Wallace and Eleanor Turnbull in the 1960s. It is now a central part of the Haitian mountain community and control has been turned over to the local community. It’s really a great example of how godly dedication and devotion can impact a community in a positive manner. The weather was much more pleasant in the mountains – the temperature was only about ~75 so it felt comfortable and breezy. The drive up the mountain was also very exciting. We drove through Petionville and saw a lot of destruction, but also a lot of busyness and rebuilding. We passed a city park that was cleared out and was being brought back to its former glory. It was very encouraging to see that it was nearing completion – it actually looked like a park!!

We spent the afternoon at the orphanage and repainted two kindergarten rooms. Jesse took a little time off of painting to help with some mechanical issues and was able to help in fixing a washing machine and one of the old trucks that has trouble starting. We got our first taste of working around the kids and a couple of us (Rebecca Williams and Kristen) immediately got sucked in to play time. We plan to be back there tomorrow to finish the painting and help with classes and playtime.

Tonight we’re having devotion with Jutta and Andre, two missionaries from the Baptist Mission Service. They arrived here about 2 weeks ago and plan to be here for 3 years. They are staying at the orphanage right now and are currently establishing themselves and looking for a place to live. They are not sure what their role will look like going forward, but they are here to assist the orphanage and the church in whatever capacity they are needed.

I’ve attached some pictures of our adventures today – enjoy!

Today was much easier and less labor intensive than yesterday so we have been able to get some rest and are ready to play with the kids tomorrow.

Until then, Bondye bene’ou and au revoir,
-Jesse, Rebecca, Rebecca, Kristen, Josh, Nichole