Care for Aids ministry

Care for AIDS is a nonprofit Christian organization that works with Kenyan churches to help care for those who are shunned because of contracting the HIV/Aids virus. It is also a new club on Virginia Tech’s campus that helps raise awarenessWe can participate in this vibrant gospel ministry by donating textbooks!

Our mission is to help Care for AIDS’ clinics support 80 families every 9 months through weekly counseling. Each member meets with a medical counselor to educate them about the disease and provides the right medical care. Also, they meet with an economic counselor to teach them new job skills and how to receive loans so they can be sufficient on their own. Most importantly, they meet with a spiritual counselor that disciples and teaches them about Jesus Christ, showing them they are not alone and they are loved.

The money raised by donating textbooks will go to profit these centers where people can go without fear to hear about Jesus and learn this disease is not the end of them. By donating three textbooks, you receive a free Care for AIDS t-shirt. If donating is too hard for your budget, you can still help just by running a 2-hour shift during one of our book drives! Our book drives will take place at the end of the semester during the two exam weeks, so look for us on campus!

Submitted by Tasha Smith
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