Ministry opportunity: Budapest Christian Library

Hello Friends,

We have a great opportunity before us and we’d love to have your help. We have one entire room to be dedicated to children at the Budapest Christian Library.

We have a team of 7 coming from the states this summer. They will work with us for over 3 weeks. One of their tasks will be to paint, decorate, and make shelves during that time.

We want to turn this room into something like the children’s area at a Barnes and Noble. It will include a play area with Legos, trains, stuffed animals and a puppet area. We have a small TV and DVD player to put in the room where kids could watch movies while their parents visit over coffee or tea. And any of the 3 churches currently meeting at the library would be able to use this room for their children’s church and Sunday school area. We even have some money that has been set aside to furnish the room with ‘kid friendly’ furniture.

So what do we need?

Books! Lots and lots of books. And youth and children’s books to be more exact.

Here are two additional ways you can help with this project (I pray you’re already praying for us regularly, which is the first and best way you can help us).

1 – If you already have books you’d like to donate, or you’d prefer to purchase the books at a yard sale, Goodwill, or a book store then all you have to do is box them up and ship them to this address. James is the team leader for the group coming in July to do the work and they have agreed bring as many books as possible. Please do this no later that June 15th. Here is the address:
James Bacus
204 North Moffet
Joplin, MO 64801

2 – If you’d rather purchase the books online and have them shipped directly to us you can now do so for FREE SHIPPING. But only from the two websites listed below. If you prefer this option please have the books shipped to our home address and not the library. In fact don’t even say put the word ‘Library’ on the shipping label or we may have to pay some significant import taxes on the books. You may do this anytime you like Here is our home address and the two websites with FREE SHIPPING TO HUNGARY:
Russell Ridgeway
Duna utca 54
Diosd, 2049

If you have no idea about what kind of books we want or could use just know that we don’t have a ton of choices in the Children’s section now. If you enjoyed it as a child then someone here probably will as well. If you are completely at a loss then please let us know and we’d be glad to help point you in a direction.

Will you partner with us by taking advantage of this great opportunity?

peace, rusty

peace, the ridgeways